Welcome to Mama Bears Crafts

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is LaShawn. I am a mother, wife, teacher, and crafter. I have wanted to start a blog for some time now and just couldn’t get myself started. For starters I had a hard time deciding on a name that encompassed exactly what I would be doing with my blog. Finally, I decided that I couldn’t put it off any longer and that I must find a blog name and get started or I never would.

After much deliberation I decided on Mama Bears Crafts, why? I am a mother before any of my other titles. My almost 6 year old calls me “Mama Bear” at times. So it hit me, Mama Bears Crafts.

With this blog my intention is to show other mothers how to create things.I dabble and so many crafts you might find posts about; wreaths, making family t-shirts, invitations, party supplies, clothing, and so many other things that I may think of out of nowhere. If I can create faster and cheaper than I can buy it from someone else I make it myself.

I can’t wait to share my many projects with you. Come back soon to see what kind of fun you can get into with me!

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