Mickey Mouse Birthday Projects

The last thing anyone could call me is a procrastinator. In June I will have a one year old. It isn’t too early to get started on his party projects, right? I got a little excited and began last weekend. In this family WE love Disney. Well ME more than WE but my family comes along when I drag them to Disney World every year.

This round of projects I churned out a door sign, an outfit, and high chair banner. Want to know how I made them? In this post Ill tell you the what and components, in posts to come I will tell you step-by-step how and what resources I used as well as how you can obtain them.

High Chair Banner: Fabric in coordinating prints and colors, Felt, Mickey Mouse shapes I obtained from Joann Fabrics, scissors, my sewing/embroidery machine.


Outfit: Garanimal separates from Walmart ($2.88-$3.88 each piece). For the party hat I used; felt, a craft pom-pom, poster board (this helped stiffen), embroidery machine, and bias tape for the trim.

Door Sign: I was able to find images on google for Mickeys head, pants, and shoes. I used the software for my Silhouette Cameo to trace the images and create a cut file. This project consists of card stock, ribbon, and shapes cut from my Silhouette Cameo.


Allow me to walk you through these projects in my posts to come!  See ya next time! screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-7-58-17-pm

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