Hooray for President’s Day Sales!

Tonight was date night! While driving to our dinner destination I told my dear husband (DH) to stop by Joann Fabrics. This time he didn’t even grumble about it, I insisted I needed to check only one thing.

Of course I got distracted while traveling to the back of this store that I know so well. DH kept me on track by holding my hand so I couldn’t wander, hah! Well, I reached my destination and the thing I was looking for was on SALE!! Wahoo.

Regular price $34.99, but with 40% off + an extra $20 off I paid a whopping $20.58 (including Tax). Score.


Lets do the math. I am a math teacher, ya know…How many baby blankets can I get out of this roll?

Dimensions 48×360 inches= an area of 17,280 square inches

Baby blanket: 36×36 inches=an area of 1, 296 square inches

17280/1296=13.3 baby blankets from this roll. So realistically 13 blankets!

20.58/13=$1.59 per blanket

I think that is a pretty sweet deal. Now someone needs to have a baby so I can make a blanket!


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