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Mickey Mouse and The Flash

This mama had a productive weekend. I was able to accomplish several tasks. To start, my mother just celebrated yet another year of life, wahoo. Shout out to mom. To celebrate she hosted a “wine and canvas” for her birthday party. I quoted wine and canvas because it isn’t the typical wine and canvas you see all over your Facebook feed. I have so many painting supplies that we sometimes host our own, paint whatever you want kind of wine and canvas.

During her event I was able to create two works of art, one for each of the boys that I will use as decoration for their birthday parties.

Yes, OMG those are so cute. I am obsessed with them and Kyle loves his Flash Painting, the look on his face truly made my hear sing. BUT those aren’t even the most exciting part of my weekend crafting. Mickey Mouse shoes for Jaxon is what I am the most excited about.


I first drew my design on the shoes. I used my disappearing ink pen that is used on fabric and easily comes off. Once my design was on and I was happy with it I started painting.


I started with a thin tipped brush to trace along my image. I thin filed in with a bigger brush. I let that them dry and sat them in front of a fan to dry quickly. Because it is on canvas it dried pretty quickly. I used acrylic paint and paint markers for his name. I also used the markers for touchups. Make sure to keep paint off of your hands as you work or you’ll end up with unwanted spots of paint on your shoes. Oops!

When the pain dried I used Modpodge to seal the painted design. You will want to paint a thin layer of the Modpodge, it is thick so be careful not to put it on too thick . Let them dry and you’re all set. Jaxon will look so cute in his birthday outfit and shoes. These shoes were so easy I can’t believe I haven’t done this before. It was so fun that I want to make some for myself and Kyle. I am not sure what my next project will be though. BUT I have a two week Spring Break and I will have so much time I won’t know what to do with myself. Do you have any plans on DIY painting some shoes? I would love to see. Until next time!




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