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Spring Burlap Wreath DIY

It seems like today, day 4 of my spring break is the first day I’ve had free time. Jaxon took a two hour nap which allowed me to get some things done. Mostly I’ve shown you things I’ve made for my kids, this blog post is for the home.

I was able to make two wreaths and a decorative piece for Jaxon’s birthday party. But for this post I’m gonna show you how I made my wreath and maybe you can get inspiration to spruce up your front door for spring as well!!

I started this wreath and then realized I should probably blog it as a DIY. I must apologize that the lighting in my office is less than ideal. I’m getting a new fixture soon, a light bar so I’ll have plenty of light.

Foam or straw wreath form (I used a 12″ form)
Burlap roll ( I used one with a lace overlay, you can find it here)
Floral pens

Start by cutting your burlap roll into 6 inch pieces. Once that is all done you are ready to pin your burlap to your wreath form.

1. Take one piece of burlap and fold it in half to form a rectangle.
2. Hold each end in both your hands with your thumbs and forefingers, pull the corners to the middle and overlap them. Your piece should be “fluffy”.
3. Place your floral pin through all layers of the burlap, the pointed ends should be pointed down.
4. Stick into your wreath form
Continue this until your wreath is as full as you would like it. I ended up using the whole roll and it was exactly enough. I then went around the edges and put extra pins where needed.

You can now embellish as you’d like. I purchased this “hello” chipboard piece from hobby lobby and painted it sea foam green. The flower I have had for I don’t know how long and I’ve finally found a use for it. I attached both the flower and hello with my hot glue gun. Hot glue sticks really well to fabric.


I love this wreath it screams that our house is ready for spring. Now I need to go buy yard decorations. What do you think? Until next time friends!!



***Oh yeah, the second wreath I made was per request from my mother. This is a different method than the one outlined above (tutorial to come when I make my summer wreath). She asked me for a breast cancer wreath and using what I had on hand I was able to create this beautiful full wreath. The ribbons sprouting from it say “Fight Like a Girl”.


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