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1 Hour Harem Pants

Any chance to make my kiddos some comfy made by mommy pants I jump on it. I came across a simple harem pant pattern (here). The girls over at A Joyful Riot have this pattern in many sizes up to size 6. The pattern is so simple to cut with very few stitches.

I used the pattern size 2T as Jaxon is a pretty big baby. I made modifications to the instructions to fit what I originally had in mind. From start to finish it should only take one hour or less with only 6 total seams.


You will need to cut two pant legs on the fold of your fabric. I didn’t use the cuff pattern piece.

Once cut out I folded each leg and pressed them 1 inch in order to create my hem since again, I didn’t use the cuff piece. Once pressed I stitched the hems. From there I put the pant pieces together and sewed the crotch and each side seam.

Next I went over to my ironing board and pressed the top 1 inch to create my band. Once pressed I used my presser foot to make the seam. Make sure to leave an opening so that you can feed your elastic through. Once the elastic is through stitch the ends together and close up the band. You are all done.

I couldn’t get a better picture because Jaxon just would not sit still. I do think he looks so adorable in these pants that mommy made for him!


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