Its Time for an Emoji Party

I have talked about Kyle and Jaxon quiet a bit. I even shared posts from planning their birthday parties. Now I am working on Evie’s (my stepdaughter) birthday party. She will be 11 this year and I figured it would be fun to have an emoji theme.

To start I have been picking up emoji items as I find them and see them in my vision for a sleepover/birthday party. I needed invitations though. I went to Pinterest for ideas and found a free printable template on a blog called Paper Trail Design (here).


On her blog she talks about how to edit the invite to say what you want it to say. I could not get this way to work for me so I tried what I know and of course I made it work. I opened Microsoft publisher and copied the invitation photo over there. I fit it to the page and used text boxes with a font of Helectiva with font sizes of 11.5 and 12! For the top of the invite I used the font KG second chances sketch!

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 12.59.33 PM

How cute are these invitations? I think she did a wonderful job on the design, so simple and easy to make your own. I printed mine at 5×7 on Card stock and bought appropriate sized coordinating envelopes!


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