Adventures of the working mommy!

I’ve been using all my spare time getting ahead on lesson plans before I go on maternity leave. I was on a roll last night and called it quits at 11:45 pm. That’s when it hit me…Kyle needed an ‘outfit’ for dress as your favorite book character day at school.

It’s home coming spirit week here and the town goes crazy, it even extends to the elementary grades and they all get out of school early for the homecoming parade.

What’s a mom to do? This mama got up at 5 am and ran to Walmart. This is what I came up with. Can you guess what book character Kyle will be today for school?


Of course this took a tiny bit of crafting at 5:45 in the morning. I had to bust out the spray paint of which I never use in the house but today I had to make an exception for such a small project.



I crawled back in bed to let the paint dry and try to get a tad more sleep. 💤💤💤…….time to get ready for school!


Not too bad for last minute exhausted mommy job! Now I better get ready for my doctors appt and work. Did I mention I only have 10 weeks left and baby Gabriel will be here! Hallelujah!


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