I Bought a Heat Press

I’ve been thinking for sometime that I really just need to break down and buy a heat press. But I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. Every time I make shirts for myself or my kids it’s nearly impossible to get the pressure and temperature right when using an iron. My arms would turn to noodles by the time I was done and the dang vinyl still wouldn’t stick.

My most recent mishap, I made a shirt for Jaxon and after I washed it the vinyl peeled off…waaahh! That was it, the last straw. I broke down and bought a heat press. What an amazing tool. Where had this thing been all my life?

I can press a shirt in less than 20 seconds and I don’t have to do any work aside from setting it up. It came via Sunday post and I was busy most of the day so I only had time for two shirts but I can’t wait to make more.

Kyle needed a collegiate shirt for school. So I got a little crafty at 10 pm. I’m so glad I keep vinyl scraps. What a great time to put this thing to work!


It wasn’t expensive though it was more than I like to spend on any one thing. I deserve it though. Treat Yo Self!


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