Halloween Crafting: Table Runner & Wreath

Back in August I pulled up to Joann Fabrics and was immediately drawn to the rack of Halloween fabric sitting in front of the store! I had to buy some, what was I going to do with it, even I didn’t know at the time.


I finally decided to make a table runner for my kitchen table. I wanted it to look like a quilt so I cut the fabric into strips and just started sewing. I wasn’t real particular about order or anything I just wanted to get going. I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

So last night I stayed up prepping for Evie’s birthday party and the urge hit me to make a Halloween wreath that I had the supplies for but just hadn’t started. If you don’t know how to make a mesh wreath they are so simple whether you use 1 or 3 colors. I used 4 because I was feeling adventurous. I also used a wreath form that was all ready set to go with piper cleaners. Normally I would buy one and then attach the pipe cleaners myself but these are on sale!

Just start with your first color and bunch/fluff it how you’d like before tying it down to the wreath form. I go back and forth with my colors from outside to inside and so on. Then do your next color. Be sure to fluff and form as you go. I also wanted to add some embellishments so i cut my ribbon and tied those in as well. Then with my handy glue gun I added my hat, legs, and spiders!


My house is getting Halloween ready which is a huge deal because I don’t like to decorate for halloween because afterwards I will have to decorate for all. I generally decorate one theme for the season/holiday! But I am excited to do Halloween for some reason even though we never get trick-or-treaters where we live!

Are you getting your house ready for Halloween? I’d love to see any Halloween crafts you may be working on, just post pics in the comments!


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