DIY Newborn Photography

With the arrival of our new baby boy I was on the hunt once more for a photographer…Lets rewind to my first and second born.

With our first we didn’t have much money so we went to a portrait studio with a coupon. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. It worked for us at the time. When our second came along 5 years later I found a local photographer that was fairly inexpensive but I was less than thrilled with her work as I looked at those pictures as something I could do myself.

Back to present day. Looking for photographers was exhausting. Not only that but they’re soooo expensive. The cheapest I found for a newborn session was $225 and the most expensive was $750. We live in the midwest so I can’t imagine what fees are like in places like NY and Cali.

I decided that I can do this myself. It is not the first time I have taken pictures of my family myself, I am by no means a photographer I wouldn’t even call myself an amateur photographer but I can make things happen,


  • Camera (I used my iPad, I do have a DSLR but I like the big screen on the iPad)
  • Backdrops
  • props
  • A photo editor (I use the basic Apple editing software as well as the free Photoshop Express for iPad)

I found a wall in my house that wasn’t being used. I actually used the space in front of my laundry room. There is a window there and during the time of day I took the pictures the light hit my backdrop wrong. I covered the window with a blanket. The lighting was perfect at that point. I have photography lights but all I needed was the lights available in that space for what I wanted to accomplish.

I got my backdrop from Hobby Lobby for $9.99 it is like a bulletin board paper but it def works. You can find it here.

I used props around my house mostly, I did purchase 3/4 yard of fur for the photos with fur. Hobby Lobby also had 50% off the spools of cheese cloth which is what baby is wrapped in.

You can see where the light is coming through the window but I just adjusted my blanket to block it out. If you think my props look pretty dang good. You should see the finished pictures!

Give it a try, even if it isn’t for a baby. You might be surprised at what you yourself can do. I literally used my iPad you guys, so simple!


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