Superhero Bingo Free Download

Kyle's birthday party has come and gone and I have yet to upload anymore posts. I have been so busy with life and at school we were completing state testing for two whole weeks. My apologies for neglecting my blogging responsibilities. I wanted to upload this freebie! Superhero Bingo, hooray! I created this game for… Continue reading Superhero Bingo Free Download

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Rustic Mason Jar Wall Vase DIY

I have had this project on my mind for several weeks now but just hadn't had the motivation to get it started. The more and more I looked at my boring wall the more I realized that this was a project I needed to get done and fast. I first saw this on Pinterest but… Continue reading Rustic Mason Jar Wall Vase DIY

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Spring Burlap Wreath DIY

It seems like today, day 4 of my spring break is the first day I've had free time. Jaxon took a two hour nap which allowed me to get some things done. Mostly I've shown you things I've made for my kids, this blog post is for the home. I was able to make two wreaths… Continue reading Spring Burlap Wreath DIY

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Mickey Mouse and The Flash

This mama had a productive weekend. I was able to accomplish several tasks. To start, my mother just celebrated yet another year of life, wahoo. Shout out to mom. To celebrate she hosted a "wine and canvas" for her birthday party. I quoted wine and canvas because it isn't the typical wine and canvas you see… Continue reading Mickey Mouse and The Flash


St. Patty’s Day Shirt

What kind of crafting mother would I be if I didn't make Kyle a shirt for St. Patrick's Day? From start to finish this took me about 30 minutes to make. I had to find an appropriate font (King Arthur Legend) first and my shamrock (traced an image from google). Once those decisions were made… Continue reading St. Patty’s Day Shirt