I Bought a Heat Press

I've been thinking for sometime that I really just need to break down and buy a heat press. But I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money. Every time I make shirts for myself or my kids it's nearly impossible to get the pressure and temperature right when using an iron. My arms would… Continue reading I Bought a Heat Press


Adventures of the working mommy!

I've been using all my spare time getting ahead on lesson plans before I go on maternity leave. I was on a roll last night and called it quits at 11:45 pm. That's when it hit me...Kyle needed an 'outfit' for dress as your favorite book character day at school. It's home coming spirit week… Continue reading Adventures of the working mommy!


Its Time for an Emoji Party

I have talked about Kyle and Jaxon quiet a bit. I even shared posts from planning their birthday parties. Now I am working on Evie's (my stepdaughter) birthday party. She will be 11 this year and I figured it would be fun to have an emoji theme. To start I have been picking up emoji… Continue reading Its Time for an Emoji Party

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Rustic Mason Jar Wall Vase DIY

I have had this project on my mind for several weeks now but just hadn't had the motivation to get it started. The more and more I looked at my boring wall the more I realized that this was a project I needed to get done and fast. I first saw this on Pinterest but… Continue reading Rustic Mason Jar Wall Vase DIY


Mickey Mouse Highchair Banner

I know I promised "how to" posts for those Mickey Mouse party items. I have been so sick and with work I haven't had a lot of time these past few days. For some reason though after I left work today the sinus pressure, massive headache, extreme sleepiness, and my forever runny nose ceased to… Continue reading Mickey Mouse Highchair Banner


Hooray for President’s Day Sales!

Tonight was date night! While driving to our dinner destination I told my dear husband (DH) to stop by Joann Fabrics. This time he didn't even grumble about it, I insisted I needed to check only one thing. Of course I got distracted while traveling to the back of this store that I know so well. DH… Continue reading Hooray for President’s Day Sales!