I Bought a Heat Press

I've been thinking for sometime that I really just need to break down and buy a heat press. But I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money. Every time I make shirts for myself or my kids it's nearly impossible to get the pressure and temperature right when using an iron. My arms would… Continue reading I Bought a Heat Press


Its Time for an Emoji Party

I have talked about Kyle and Jaxon quiet a bit. I even shared posts from planning their birthday parties. Now I am working on Evie's (my stepdaughter) birthday party. She will be 11 this year and I figured it would be fun to have an emoji theme. To start I have been picking up emoji… Continue reading Its Time for an Emoji Party


Superhero Bingo Free Download

Kyle's birthday party has come and gone and I have yet to upload anymore posts. I have been so busy with life and at school we were completing state testing for two whole weeks. My apologies for neglecting my blogging responsibilities. I wanted to upload this freebie! Superhero Bingo, hooray! I created this game for… Continue reading Superhero Bingo Free Download

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Mickey Mouse and The Flash

This mama had a productive weekend. I was able to accomplish several tasks. To start, my mother just celebrated yet another year of life, wahoo. Shout out to mom. To celebrate she hosted a "wine and canvas" for her┬ábirthday party. I quoted wine and canvas because it isn't the typical wine and canvas you see… Continue reading Mickey Mouse and The Flash